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Administrative Staff

Catherine Fosl, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, is founding Director of the Anne Braden Institute. Dr. Fosl was Anne Braden’s biographer and is the author of Subversive Southerner: Anne Braden and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Cold War South (Palgrave Macmillen, 2002), as well as the books Freedom on the Border:  An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky (co-authored with Tracy E. K’Meyer, University Press of Kentucky, 2009) and Women for All Seasons: The Story of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (1989). Subversive Southerner won the 2003 Oral History Association Book Award and was named an Outstanding Book in 2003 by the Gustavus Myers Center for Human Rights. A new edition of the book was issued in Fall 2006 by University Press of Kentucky.  Through the Institute, Dr. Fosl strives to widen public understanding of Anne Braden’s significance in U.S. social movement history through promoting engaged scholarship grounded in collaboration between researchers and their subjects and producing knowledge that can be acted upon. By providing activists with intellectual tools to enhance their efforts, such knowledge can advance racial and social justice aims. At the same time, the Institute will expose scholars to a greater range of community-based knowledge.


MariamWilliamsBusinessHeadshot cropped

Mariam Williams became program coordinator at the Braden Institute in January 2013. She is a writer, blogger and journalist who believes in the power of words and new and traditional media to spur people to action for social justice. Mariam also is an M.A. student in the Department of Pan African Studies and is pursuing a graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies. She is interested in research on how women use various forms of cultural activism, including art and religion, as resistance to racism and sexism. Mariam received a number of journalism and artist awards for her work in the Courier-Journal and a number of other publications. She started here in 2012 on a part-time/interim basis, working on the civil rights tour brochure, the 2012 lecture and a number of other projects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and a certificate in screenwriting UCLA.




Jamie BeardJamie Beard came to the Braden Institute in March 2014 as an administrative assistant, splitting her time between the ABI and Dr. Cate Fosl’s engaged scholarship initiative. She holds a BA in English from the University of Alabama and brings experience in community-based education, having worked with K-12 students and adults in library, nonprofit, and museum settings. Jamie is thrilled to be at the ABI and hopes to connect knowledge of past freedom struggles to work towards social change today.


Co-Founder, the late Dr. J. Blaine Hudson (1949-2013)

hudsonJ. Blaine Hudson, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and professor of Pan-African Studies: creator of the Institute, Dr. Hudson was a visionary educator and longtime university and community leader who was also a renowned scholar of African American history. He was the author of Fugitive Slaves and the Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland (2002) and of the Encyclopedia of the Underground Railroad (2006), as well as many articles. He co-authored the book, Two Centuries of Black Louisville: A Photographic History. As a young student activist in the 1960s, Dr. Hudson was mentored by Anne Braden, and they remained friends for nearly 40 years.

The Anne Braden Institute is one of many vehicles through which Dr. Hudson enacted his life-long commitment to connecting history to urban problems and to social change. Another was the Saturday Academy program, a non-credit “open classroom” learning series in African and African American history held in western Louisville. Dr. Hudson pioneered the Saturday Academies in Louisville some years ago and resurrected them in 2005.

Community Advisory Council

Mari Mujica, co-chair

Carla Wallace, co-chair

Keneka L Cheatham

Judi Jennings

Stephanie Kaufman

Shelton McElroy

Mimi Pickering

Siobhan Smith

Tytianna Smith

Faculty Affiliates

Tomarra Adams, associate professor of Pan-African Studies

David Anderson, associate professor of English

Rhonda Buchanan, director, Latin American and Latino Studies and professor of Spanish

Delinda Buie, professor, curator of rare books, University Libraries*

Nefertiti Burton, associate dean of A&S International Diversity & Engagement Programs, associate professor of Theatre Arts

Carson Byrd, assistant professor of Pan African Studies

Ying Kit Chan, professor and chair of Fine Arts

Fannie M. Cox, associate professor, outreach and reference librarian, University of Louisville Libraries*

John Cumbler, professor of History

Margaret D’Silva, professor of Communication

Joy Hart, professor of Communication

Lauren Heberle, associate professor of sociology

Ricky Jones, professor and chair of Pan-African Studies

Lara Kelland, assistant professor of History and Public History

Tracy K’Meyer, professor and chair of History

Avery Kolers, professor of Philosophy

Lisa Markowitz, associate professor of Anthropology

David Owen, associate professor of Philosophy

Rodger Payne, professor and chair of Political Science

Theresa Rajack-Talley, associate professor of Pan-African Studies

Susanna Remold, associate professor of Biology

Siobhan Smith, assistant professor of Communications

Kaila Story, associate professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Pan-African Studies; Audre Lorde, Chair in Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality Studies

Nancy Theriot, professor and chair of Women’s and Gender Studies

Shelley Thomas, assistant professor of Social Studies Education*

Russ Vandenbroucke, professor and chair of Theatre Arts

Margath Walker, assistant professor of Geography

*= ex-officio

Graduate Assistants and Interns (past and present)


AlexisAlexis Johnson (2013-present) is a graduate assistant at the Anne Braden Institute and first year master’s student in Pan African Studies. She obtained her undergraduate degree in English from Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. Alexis happily anticipates her work in the ABI, as she believes the knowledge and experience she will gain will advance her goal of becoming a scholar-activist.



Mallie FeltnerMallie Feltner (2014-present) is currently a Graduate Assistant in the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research and a first-year Master’s student in Women and Gender Studies.






Lauren Copeland (2013-2014), M.A., Women and Gender Studies, University of Louisville

Alisha West (2012-2013), M.A., Women and Gender Studies, University of Louisville

Rachel Spears (2012-2013), M.A. candidate, Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Tytianna Smith (2011-2012), M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Jenny Stith (2011-2012) M.A., Women and Gender Studies, University of Louisville, clinical certificate in Analytical Psychology, C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago

Tamara Spiller (2010- 2011), M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Tiffany Caesar (2008-2010), M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Jennifer Oladipo (2009-2010) M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Natashia Lindsey (2008-2009) M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Amber Duke  (2007-2009) M.A., Pan African Studies, University of Louisville

K.A. Owens(Intern, Spring 2007) M.A., Humanities/Civic Leadership, University of Louisville

Angela Calloway (2006-2007) PhD, Nursing, and M.A., Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville

Jardana Peacock(2006-2008) M.A., Pan African Studies, University of Louisville


Undergraduate Interns and Work Study Students (past and present)

AminaAmina Ahmed (2010- present, class of 2014) is a graduate from Central High school and is currently a senior pursuing a degree in history with a minor in African Studies. She has been working at the Braden Institute as a part of the Federal Work Study program since she began her undergraduate career.



Cayenne Campbell (2014-present)

Makayla Moore (2012-2013)

Katy Campbell (2012-2013)

Stephanie Kaufman (2012-2013)

Raven Darko-Mensah   (2010-2011)

Carissa House-Dunphy (2009-2012)

Jenna Williams (2009-2010)

Toma Lynn Smith (2008-2009)

Adam Elmaghraby (2007-2008)

Robert Bell (2006-2007)

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